Feature Requests

Allow for valid field values to be compared using the mathematical operators

Currently, the math operators only allow you to compare a filed value to a integer\decimal that you input. Typing the name of a custom field does not allow LI to compare the 2 values, rather LI will compare the value to the string. See the attached screenshot for clarification.


I would like to alert on if this log string ever returns a cap value (cap=174) that is > 90% of the threshold value (threshold=250). In this case I’d like to be alerted if the cap value is > 225, but instead of hardcoding the value of 225 I’d like it to be dynamically calculated based on the log string.


"2018-03-15T09:48:13.915-05:00 TRACE (0D48-1944) [Processor] CongestionMonitor: handshakes=0, threshold=25, hsh-congestion=false; requests=171, cap=174, threshold=250, req-congestion=false; forwarders=0, threshold=2500, fwd-congestion=false; delay=200"


Idea No. 568