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Configure vIDM Authentication via API

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Recap: When I try and configure vIDM as an authentication provider via the API, the API is rejecting due to using a "custom CA certificate" (in this instance, self-signed).... I would think the property for accepting the certificate would tell the API to, well, accept the certificate... but, that doesn't seem to be the case. Shouldn't there be a way to programmatically force the API to take the certificate? I've reviewed the API docs, and I don't see anything in the documentation to suggest it's doable (i.e. a query parameter like force=true), so some help would be awesome, as I'd like to be able do this without ever having to touch the UI (i.e. as part of a post-deployment script either in vRO or PowerShell or Python.. or whatever).


How I'm invoking the request (translated into curl) and the exact response from the API is in the VMTN posting.







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