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Export Event Results to VMware support

In customer's environment, all logs are usually collected by VMware LogInsight. Because all logs are in the centralized location would be good if there is a way how to automatically send them to VMware support (GSS).


We currently have in LogInsight export event results feature (see attached picture) with two options:


1) Export Event Results

2) Export Chart Data


This feature allows us to EXPORT logs (TXT / JSON / XML). But there is not a way how to automatically forward them to VMware support. I would like to suggest the third option called:


3) Export Event Results to VMware support


This feature would send logs (for selected device) automatically to VMware support (GSS).


NOTE: I got this feature request from the customer. Please use me (jbartisek@vmware.com) and Andreas Weinhapl (aweinhapl@vmware.com) - TAMs as contact persons.

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