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Horizon VM to Zero Client

Trying to get log insight to grab the C:\ProgramData\VMware\VDM\logs\pcoip_server_2017_04_24_0000111c.txt file so that we can draw a line from a VDI session to a human on the other end of a zero client (we are a school district - kids are abusive on the equipment)


There is a handy line in this file that tells me the IP of the zero client (man DNS resolution would be nice) but I can work with this because I have my DHCP logs being absorbed by insight as well.

MGMT_SSIG :Received session INVITE (, 00-1F-D8-01-1F-C4, PRI: 0)


So from here I can get the IP, the VM name and then compare with other logging get the user name.


However I have in the agent to grab this with the Horizon Agent template, but not seeing it.





What am I missing?


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