Feature Requests

Log Insight to properly handle Microsoft DNS debug text log

Within our environment our security team would like to enable a subset of the DNS debug log and use Log Insight to ingest it. This would allow us to capture requests to our internal space incorrectly leaving to internet resolvers, for instance. And that works well. By enabling Log Insight we would be able to keep the text debug log itself small. However this type of 'debug' log does not roll over to a newly named file (Like IIS does for example) and start a new file. The existing file is deleted and a new one created with the same name in its place. Log Insight does not allow that to happen all the time. Especially under load. In most cases the log cannot be started again until Log Insight agent is stopped. I would say this is a problem with any debug log that does not create a backup rollover file. The system itself is more than capable of handling the DNS debug information. There are plenty or resources allocated. I opened an SR with VMware. They explained this function was not there and I should open one of these requests in the community.

Idea No. 268