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Log processing rate in vRealize Log Insight

Hi to all members.

Could anyone help if we can capture the log processing rate and the log arrival rate by vRealize Insight ?

I am particularly interested in


1. Capturing the arrival rate of the logs to the Log Insight in events/sec or bytes/sec

2. The processing rate of the logs by Log Insight in events/sec or bytes/sec.

3. Ensure my Log Insight processing rate is higher than the arrival rate.


There are statistics under Administration page of Log Insight like Ingestion rate, Incoming rate and Ingestion queue. I am not sure how VMware defines Ingestion and if this can be considered as processing by Log Insight. Also in my case, the incoming rate of syslog and API events is much higher than the Ingestion rate. Does this mean my Log Insight is unable to keep up with the logs thrown at it?


Thank you in advance.



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