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MS Exchange Content Pack agent scripts configuration clarification needed

We have MS Exchange environment with 8 Exchange servers. We have Log Insight 4.3 with MS Exchange CP 3.2.


While configuring it according to attached documentation we have encountered following problems that I ask for clarification:


1. Agents powershell scripts run on one or more MS Exchange servers

1.1 Observation: Running both scripts exchange_wrapper.ps1 and exchange_mailbox_wrapper.ps1 seems to give the same output regardless of MS Exchange they are run.

1.2 Question: Do scripts: exchange_wrapper.ps1 and exchange_mailbox_wrapper.ps1 should be run on only one or on each of Exchange servers? Or maybe one of the scripts should be run on all servers and the other on just one?

2. Agent scripts account permissions

2.1 Observation: While both scripts: exchange_wrapper.ps1 and exchange_mailbox_wrapper.ps1 are run with MS Exchange Administrator very high permissions data is gathered correctly. When they are run as in different account context with Exchange Management Shell permissions they do not get gather data.

2.2 Question: What are an exact permissions in both MS Exchange and operating system context for running both scripts?

3. Agent exchange_mailbox_wrapper.ps1 run time affects dashboards displaying 0 values between run times

3.1 Observation: Exchange_mailbox_wrapper.ps1 is recommended to be repeted We have around 22k mailboxes, and running exchange_mailbox_wrapper.ps1 script takes 2,5 hours. Between script run times, some dashboards show incorrect/zeroed data. Eg. Environment statistics > Database disk free space % per server display 0 values though there is still enough place.

3.2 Question: How this script can be optimized to run in shorter time, so data holes would not appear on graphs?

4. Enabling SMTP Logging

4.1 Observation: In CP documentation in the Configuration section concerning SMTP logging there is following description "Enable SMTP :In the default installation of Microsoft exchange, SMTP server has logging turned off. Follow the steps below to enable and configure the same: Under IIS click on SMTP services à Properties."

4.2 Question: Isn't it an incorrect description "Under IIS click on SMTP services à Properties"? What does IIS has to SMTP? Where it should be set?





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