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Feature Requests

Custom fields in Data Sets

I would like to have custom fields within Data Sets. The static pre-defined fields do not grant enough flexibility in controlling access to the data.

It would require the following to achieve this:
* Datasets to include custom searches
* Datasets to include per VIP Static tags
* Datasets to include Content Pack regex

This would allow users to control access based on the source / tenant / business unit / environment... more »

Feature Requests

Enrich log records

We would like to be able to enrich log records with info from an external sources (add custom tags for incoming/existing logs based on a query to an external service) like vROPS does.


Use cases:

a. Query GeoIP Web Service for IP’s location

b. Query CMDB via HTTP/LDAP for additional information (e.g. customer name, related services, server role, environment ….)

Feature Requests

Host Groups

It would be very useful to be able to define host groups whether the client is an agent or a syslog devices to be used in queries or to even tag events which are from these groups.

It's an overhead having to create forwarding rules to tag logs on forwarders as we don't give dashboard users access to forwarders it would be much simpler to allow them to create a group of hostnames and allow that group to be used in queries.... more »

Feature Requests

Role to manage Agent configuration

As of today, in order to manage Agent configuration the user needs to have "Super Admin" role which has very wide scope including the ability to manage access control.


We should be able to delegate Agent Configuration to some "power users" without giving them the ability to alter Access Control.


An "Agent Admin" role would great in that objective.




Feature Requests

enhance filtering options for data sets

would be great if we could use the same filters as in "interactive analytics" for "new data set".
At the moment there are just a few fields available.
For example we would like to create a data set for some users so that they can only see events where "text"-field matches a regex query or certain words or e.g. the "event_type" field is a certain type.
Custom extracted fields are also not available for data set filters.... more »

Feature Requests

Dashboard sharing or cloning for Log Readers


Some of our log readers want some way of sharing dashboards between each other. They are not admins so can't write to shared dashboards.

We'd like a way of either :

granting certain users write/move to rights for *some* shared dashboards.

Ideally some sort of rights management features to accompany this.


as an admin, the ability to clone or mutate another users (not my) dashboard to a shared dashboard.