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Add conf.d style configuration to liagent's config

I'm deploying systems under ansible and each has different log directories to be pushed. And I might layer different services.

Similar to see /etc/rsyslog.conf and rsyslog.d, I'd like to be able to add additional configurations by just simply dropping files into a liagent.d/ directory (the path of which would be defined in the main liagent.ini)

This would allow me to drop say a liagent.d/httpd.ini to grab http logs... more »

Content Packs

vRops Agent Configuration

I have looked at the vRops Agent setup instructions and they don't make sense to me...

Rather than copy/pasting it all in here, I have attatched a file with the setup instruction.

1. In the beginning of the file, the first two lines after "Configuring the vRealize Log Insight Agent". Goes on about the liagent.ini need to be modified.
1A. This is not true as the centralized configuration is used, correct ? That part... more »

Feature Requests

Ability to Set SSL=yes when installing windows agent with MSI

Currently unable to set SSL=yes when using the command line parameters. It is possible to set all the other important parameters, protocol, host, port but not SSL. This is especially important if your LI servers need to be set to SSL only.


Yes you could create a MST but this is a rather complicated solution to a simple problem.

Feature Requests

Inherit agent groups from master cluster

We, like many other enterprise users have many distributed vRLI Servers around the world that effectively serve as forwarders to a master cluster. It would be ideal if these servers inherited the agent configuration from the master cluster so all sub-servers do not need configured with agent groups. This will prevent configuration drift of the multiple servers acting as forwarders. There should however, be the ability... more »

Feature Requests

Give Agent Group ability to set hostname property in agent ini file

Agent Groups can be used to push out Log Insight agent configuration to groups of LI agents. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the hostname key under [server] can be set using this.

We have multiple Log Insight clusters that we want to send data to. The way we push out the LI agent, we can't differentiate which LI cluster we want an agent to send data to so I tried to use Agent Groups to do this, but it doesn't work.... more »

Feature Requests

Log Insight to properly handle Microsoft DNS debug text log

Within our environment our security team would like to enable a subset of the DNS debug log and use Log Insight to ingest it. This would allow us to capture requests to our internal space incorrectly leaving to internet resolvers, for instance. And that works well. By enabling Log Insight we would be able to keep the text debug log itself small. However this type of 'debug' log does not roll over to a newly named file... more »

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Better endpoint status

Things have improved over time and I have noted the previous feature request ( however it is very difficult to manage the status of the endpoints for both agents and syslog hosts. This is important both from an operational and security point of view. Some features which would help a great deal are:-

- Ability to purge the "host" page
- Add last active (or last received... more »

Feature Requests

Application Autodiscovery

When Content packs are added post agent deployment on large estates, each agent's configuration requires updating to add the relevant section to the liagent.ini or the liagent-effective.ini. The recommended route is via the UI, but when the estate is large and there are many forwarders, then it becomes quite a task to determine which content packs are relevant to each of the target agents.

It would be fantastic (and... more »

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Force new config file

I would like to see the ability to force agents in a Group to copy the config from the agent Group into their liagent.ini file as startup config.

After doing a mass deploy of agents i found that all agents come With auto_update=yes commented out, and if I use the option to change it in the agent Groups, it will not work as the agent obviously reads the local file at the time where the auto update is triggered. For me... more »

Feature Requests

Enable parser selection and configuration on server or forwarder

Use case:

1) There is no way to use an agent and logs are not getting properly parsed on the server

2) Agent is installed, but administrator prefer not to risk any additional load on the source system caused by agent-side parsing


Solution: configure parsing (analogue to agent-side parsing) on the server or dedicated forwarder