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Feature Requests

PRTG WebHook Support

At the moment WebHooks are very Static regarding output format.

That is a problem if you have a monitoring Solution that is also very static by receiving WebHooks:


PRTG Only excepts this syntax


https://fqnd:5050/loginsight?content=XML String with fixed Syntax


Is there a way to integrate a WebHook Syntax Builder?

Feature Requests

Ability to schedule alert queries

We have some alert queries we want to set up that check to see if a particular job ran by reading the log files for those jobs and firing an alert if the query doesn't have any results. We can set up this job today, but the query will run at pre-set intervals. We know exactly when our jobs will run so we'd like to be able to schedule the query to cover a certain time range and limit it's scope rather than expand the scope... more »

Feature Requests

Should be able to delete content from Content Packs section

When you go to look at stuff in My Content or Shared Content in the Content Packs view of Log Insight, you can't delete any content you don't want from there. You have to first open up the dashboard, query, extracted field, etc. in either the Dashboards or Interactive Analytics view. This feels like an unnecessary step. You should probably be allowed to delete things directly from the Content Packs view.

Feature Requests

Dynamic Fields in Alert Definition Name

I`m not aware of such feature if I`m wrong please correct me.

It would be very very useful to be able to use fields in alert definition and fields to be populated based on their actual value when the alert triggers.

We are sending alerts to vROPS.

Let`s take an example:
I want to monitor when a vRO Workflow fails but I need to create an alert for each Workflow that runs into infrastructure in order to actual give some... more »

Feature Requests

Alert that triggers log bundle collection

Log bundles provided to vmware sometimes do not have the info needed to troubleshoot an issue because the logs of interest are no longer present. We need to wait for the next occurrence of the issue and then generate a new log bundle immediately. If this happens outside office hours the necessary logs can be missed again.

It should be possible for an alert to trigger an action such as generate log bundle (or run a script).... more »

Feature Requests

Search result highlight - Email Alert

Currently in email alert, the entire search query result is sent and it would be 10s of line in an matching event.


is it possible to highlight the match what exactly was queried?


For example: if we search for a string ERROR and setup a alert, entire event where "ERROR" string appears is sent as an email, in which i would want to highlight the queried string "ERROR' for easy identification in entire event