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Full Configuration API

It appears that there has been a start to get some configuration options added to the API. I hope we can get to a point where everything available in the Administration section of the Log Insight appliance becomes available via the API. My most immediate need is user management -- IE, the ability to add a user from AD to LI and, while being added, assign a role(s) to that user. I've already figured out how to do this... more »

General Log Insight Q&A

Configure vIDM Authentication via API

Cross-linking from VMTN, for more visibility!

Recap: When I try and configure vIDM as an authentication provider via the API, the API is rejecting due to using a "custom CA certificate" (in this instance, self-signed).... I would think the property for accepting the certificate would tell the API to, well, accept the certificate... but, that doesn't seem to be the case. Shouldn't... more »

Feature Requests

Execute named query (dashboards, saved search, etc) via query API

Log Insight's Query API allows the expression of an arbitrary query directly. But Log Insight's UI also allows authorship of queries -- alerts, dashboards, saved queries and even share urls all fundamentally refer to a query Log Insight knows about.


Expose a query API endpoint which performs a query based on the name/id of a specific saved construct, without the API client needing to recreate the underlying query.