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Feature Requests

Highlight/Colour widgets based on reaching certain limit/value shown

To notify someone visually when a certain/critical situation has been identified, it would be brilliant if you can highlight/colour a widget so you get the proper attention. E.g. host disconnections have been found the information mentions this is something you should investigate. How about defining there is a certain number of messages found and the widget switches it's colour to yellow/red?

Feature Requests

Highlight/Colour dashboard based on widget states / highlights

When highlighting/colouring a widget is accepted as an enhancement, the next logical step would be to allow the same on dashbooard level. It would be brilliant if not only the fact that one widget changed state drives the dashboard state. You can define a logical rule how their state will be taken into account to drive the change.
E.g. Dashboard changes state/colour when all 3 widgets change state (widget1 & widget2 &... more »