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Enable parser selection and configuration on server or forwarder

Use case:

1) There is no way to use an agent and logs are not getting properly parsed on the server

2) Agent is installed, but administrator prefer not to risk any additional load on the source system caused by agent-side parsing


Solution: configure parsing (analogue to agent-side parsing) on the server or dedicated forwarder

Feature Requests

Widget to dynamically alter other widgets

It would be nice to be able to add a widget that has the power to update other widgets on the same dashboard. The use case would be for widgets that are aggregating data from many hosts, and you want to quickly add a filter to all of them to see the scope narrowed to a single host or tag value.

This would be of particular benefit for helping search through log bundles uploaded from the import tool, as user-specified... more »

Feature Requests

enhance filtering options for data sets

would be great if we could use the same filters as in "interactive analytics" for "new data set".
At the moment there are just a few fields available.
For example we would like to create a data set for some users so that they can only see events where "text"-field matches a regex query or certain words or e.g. the "event_type" field is a certain type.
Custom extracted fields are also not available for data set filters.... more »

Content Packs

Additions to vRops Content Pack

In order to help troubleshoot vRops issues - I have created a some widgets. Basicly three with some variances.


vRops Webrequest respones time

vRops Webrequest Respones Code

vRops Collector Issues


You can see some screenshot of it added to this discussion.


Also have a blog post coming which hasn't been released yet. Just a description of the value add.

Content Packs

vRops Agent Configuration

I have looked at the vRops Agent setup instructions and they don't make sense to me...

Rather than copy/pasting it all in here, I have attatched a file with the setup instruction.

1. In the beginning of the file, the first two lines after "Configuring the vRealize Log Insight Agent". Goes on about the liagent.ini need to be modified.
1A. This is not true as the centralized configuration is used, correct ? That part... more »