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Need ability to create RBAC dashboards

Today there are Custom Dashboards (My and Shared) and Content Pack Dashboards. Under Custom Dashboard there needs to be a RBAC Dashboards. RBAC Dashboards should be Dashboards assigned to one or more RBAC roles. The idea is that a role, which is typically assigned to a group of users, needs access to shared dashboards that are private to the role (group). Today, the options are to use Shared Dashboards, but these are... more »

Content Packs

Super Pack for non-log data from Active Directory

Upon request from our security people, I have made a PowerShell module that collects non-log data from AD and pushes it as logs to the loginsight server. This way they can have a Dashboard of data that is either not accessible from logs, or where log retreival would mean a massive search from all data available, and thus very slow searches. I have built this in this way:

1. Powershell scripts running as scheduled jobs... more »

Content Packs

Windows Firewall Advanced Content Pack

Extract more Details from Windows Firewall File-Log

(ContentPack is attached)


- Blocked Connections by Source IP

- Blocked Connections by Destination IP

- Blocked Connections by Source Port

- Blocked Connections by Destination Port

- Blocked Connections by Protokoll

- Blocked Connections by Hostname

- Disabled / Enabled Firewall

Content Packs

HP OA content pack



Had en issue - created an content pack 🙂


So here it is the HP OA content pack. All there is required is to set HP OA til send syslog to log insight.


It has three dashboards - Overview, changes and authentication.


Overview gives you quick insight to changes and problems in your environment.

Changes - is all about changes made by humans

Authentication - shows login attempts and failures

Feature Requests

vRLI - Catalog Requests - needs "AND" "OR" Dashboard Query abilities

I need data from log entries in both "cafe: catalog" AND "cafe: composition-service". The Dashboard I am trying to create will have a table with the following fields and can't do that without this future feature: vmw_vra_request_num, Extracted field LongReqNum, Tenant, Extracted field Tenant Name, Extracted Field SettingRequestAs, vmw_vra_cat_item_name, vmw-vra_req_service, vmw_vra_requested_for_user Date Entered: 1/25/2018... more »

Feature Requests

Run Log Insight behind a reverse proxy

Support running the Log Insight master node, with dashboard and IA UI, behind a reverse proxy with URL rewriting. Support caching of static content at the reverse proxy server.


For example, exposing as


Document at least one reference implementation.

Content Packs

Bug in vsphere content pack - count of vcenter servers

In the vsphere content pack, there is a pane under vcenter server overview where it Counts "vcenter servers integrated". This Count is very wrong, as it Counts occurences of the Word vcenter-server (despite showing it should Count Sources) instead of unique hostnames. In my installation it therefore shows 71 vcenters, instead of the 4 it should be. The reason is that the loginsight also receives logs regarding DRS rules,... more »

Feature Requests

Improvement to query lists

Query lists can get quite large with dozens or hundreds of items inside. Allow the user to sort the query list by result. E.g. if a query returns "Has Results" show them on top. This makes it easier to focus on the relevant results.

In addition the title bar of a query list shall display the amount of queries. Once the user has executed them (green play button), also display the amount of queries with "Has Results".... more »

Feature Requests

Allow equivalent entries to be colored the same way across widgets

If we have a dashboard and >1 widget in that dashboard tracks the same field, it would be great if there was a way to specify that the color should be the same across widgets when the same entry is being reported.
For example, in my Log Insight instance, we track vCenter user logins and vCenter users creating tasks.
In both cases, the value on which we are reporting is the same (vCenter users) but the report itself is... more »

Feature Requests

Math factor - for values

I was working on making a presentation of different values, and it struck me that it was exposing a lot of different values. One Place i got a Count, and another Place i had MB while on the NeXT one there was bytes. In making comparative Dashboards there should be the ability to use a Math factor for either multiplying or dividing the number you have, so you can alter the exposed value to the desired resultset.