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Feature Requests

Custom fields in Data Sets

I would like to have custom fields within Data Sets. The static pre-defined fields do not grant enough flexibility in controlling access to the data.

It would require the following to achieve this:
* Datasets to include custom searches
* Datasets to include per VIP Static tags
* Datasets to include Content Pack regex

This would allow users to control access based on the source / tenant / business unit / environment... more »

Feature Requests

Highlight/Colour dashboard based on widget states / highlights

When highlighting/colouring a widget is accepted as an enhancement, the next logical step would be to allow the same on dashbooard level. It would be brilliant if not only the fact that one widget changed state drives the dashboard state. You can define a logical rule how their state will be taken into account to drive the change.
E.g. Dashboard changes state/colour when all 3 widgets change state (widget1 & widget2 &... more »

Feature Requests

Ability to view events driving graph component

It would be nice to have the ability to view the events being summarized by a graph component on a dashboard. If you are viewing a dashboard in presentation mode, there isn't a way to jump back to the dashboard and put it back in presentation mode automatically if you decide to drill-down into Interactive Analytics. If you could just view the messages without leaving the dashboard, that would fix the issue.

Feature Requests

Widget to dynamically alter other widgets

It would be nice to be able to add a widget that has the power to update other widgets on the same dashboard. The use case would be for widgets that are aggregating data from many hosts, and you want to quickly add a filter to all of them to see the scope narrowed to a single host or tag value.

This would be of particular benefit for helping search through log bundles uploaded from the import tool, as user-specified... more »

Feature Requests

Execute named query (dashboards, saved search, etc) via query API

Log Insight's Query API allows the expression of an arbitrary query directly. But Log Insight's UI also allows authorship of queries -- alerts, dashboards, saved queries and even share urls all fundamentally refer to a query Log Insight knows about.


Expose a query API endpoint which performs a query based on the name/id of a specific saved construct, without the API client needing to recreate the underlying query.

Feature Requests

Lock widget to time frame

I would really like to Lock a Dashboard widget to a specific time frame. For example if i make a datacollection for data just within an hour or pr 6 hours, the data could be false if someone use it With another timespan. So i would like to be able to Lock a Dashboard widget to a timeframe, like 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours or 24 hours. This way it would be much easier to make custom widgets With events in different timespans... more »

Feature Requests

Dashboard sharing or cloning for Log Readers


Some of our log readers want some way of sharing dashboards between each other. They are not admins so can't write to shared dashboards.

We'd like a way of either :

granting certain users write/move to rights for *some* shared dashboards.

Ideally some sort of rights management features to accompany this.


as an admin, the ability to clone or mutate another users (not my) dashboard to a shared dashboard.