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Feature Requests

Lightweight Forwarder for Edge Compute

For Edge Compute platforms for one example ROBO, something VMware is publicly discussing widely we need the ability to collect and send logs back to the datacentre.. Normally in these environments compute and storage space is a minimum, so we need a forwarder that is very lightweight in its install. Maybe even deployable as a container.
The LI Forwarder would be good due to the compression it uses as we also need to consider... more »

Administration of Log Insight

Forwarder produce events in the Windows Event XML format

Log Insight's Forwarder supports Syslog and CFAPI (HTTP+JSON) today. The Forwarder should be extended with an additional serialization format, conforming to the Windows Events XML schema. Standard Windows Events' XML attributes should be reconstructed from standard Log Insight field=value pairs.


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