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Feature Requests

Transaction support

Log Insight should facilitate understanding transactional flows, where a group of log messages tell a story together. The transaction identifier should be definable in content packs and by users, similar to an extracted field.

For example:
- vCenter, vpxa and hostd tasks are identified by an opID, relating task Start, Finish and subtasks within.
- ESXi vMotion tasks are identified by an MigID, relating Source and Destination... more »

Feature Requests

Flexible AND/OR logic needed for building queries

Currently when building a query in Interactive Analytics, all of the filters can use AND logic or they can all use OR logic. You can create different groups with different pieces of logic like:


(f_1 AND f_2) OR (f_3 AND f_4)


This would help me condense multiple components in some of our dashboards into one component

Feature Requests

Math factor - for values

I was working on making a presentation of different values, and it struck me that it was exposing a lot of different values. One Place i got a Count, and another Place i had MB while on the NeXT one there was bytes. In making comparative Dashboards there should be the ability to use a Math factor for either multiplying or dividing the number you have, so you can alter the exposed value to the desired resultset.

Feature Requests

Allow Favorite Queries to use Dynamic Time Ranges

When you save a query to your favorite queries, it saves all the search and graphic conditions in addition to the EXACT time range was used. Even if you used the LAST 24 hours for example, that gets translated to 5am-5am for example when you pull it up from favorite queries. It would be great if there was an option to let the query to be set to "last 24 hours" or "last 6 hours" and that time is dynamic based on when it's... more »

Feature Requests

Widget to dynamically alter other widgets

It would be nice to be able to add a widget that has the power to update other widgets on the same dashboard. The use case would be for widgets that are aggregating data from many hosts, and you want to quickly add a filter to all of them to see the scope narrowed to a single host or tag value.

This would be of particular benefit for helping search through log bundles uploaded from the import tool, as user-specified... more »

Feature Requests

Display relative time offset between events in event view.

It would be nice to allow selection of an event to add an additional column into the event view displaying the time offset between the selected event and visible events.


For example

Selecting an event which happened at 2015-08-08T10:00:00.

Then events which happened in the past (Say 2015-08-08T09:50:30) could display "T - 9M30S"


and events in the future could display "T + 9M30S"

Feature Requests

Host Groups

It would be very useful to be able to define host groups whether the client is an agent or a syslog devices to be used in queries or to even tag events which are from these groups.

It's an overhead having to create forwarding rules to tag logs on forwarders as we don't give dashboard users access to forwarders it would be much simpler to allow them to create a group of hostnames and allow that group to be used in queries.... more »