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vRops Agent Configuration

I have looked at the vRops Agent setup instructions and they don't make sense to me...

Rather than copy/pasting it all in here, I have attatched a file with the setup instruction.

1. In the beginning of the file, the first two lines after "Configuring the vRealize Log Insight Agent". Goes on about the liagent.ini need to be modified.
1A. This is not true as the centralized configuration is used, correct ? That part... more »

Feature Requests

Log Insight Widget(s) / Data in vSphere Client

I would love a single pane of glass - to be able to include Log Insight data into the vSphere agent. The ability to click on the widget to take me right into Log Insight or better yet have extended data in that very place in vSphere. Tighter integration between vCops, vSphere, and Log Insight would make our lives much better and troubleshooting much easier. A single pane of glass is always optimal.

Feature Requests

Have the ability to connct LI to more than one vROps Instance

From a customer "I noticed that Log Insight can only communicate with one instance of vROps. We currently have two instances of vROps because we exceeded the metrics allowed in the first instance. I’m not sure if this will be possible in future releases, but it would be beneficial to be able to communicate with more than one vROps instance."