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tag new data by source (hostname) instead of via VIP

Some Content packs needs an own VIP to tag incomming data so the dashboards of that content pack can filter it.
For instance the NetApp content packs relies on it. This would mean that when you use a broad spectrum of content packs, you need extra VIP's just to tag data special for those content packs.

What if you could tag syslog data based on the source. (IP address or hostname).... or by dataset....
This would bring... more »
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Application Autodiscovery

When Content packs are added post agent deployment on large estates, each agent's configuration requires updating to add the relevant section to the liagent.ini or the liagent-effective.ini. The recommended route is via the UI, but when the estate is large and there are many forwarders, then it becomes quite a task to determine which content packs are relevant to each of the target agents.

It would be fantastic (and... more »
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Feature Requests

Palo Alto content pack

There used to be Palo alto content pack but this is no longer available.


Does any one have old version that can be shared for use with fields, query and alarm definitions?


PS. This post should be in the Content Packs compain but I can not move it after it is created.