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Run Log Insight behind a reverse proxy

Support running the Log Insight master node, with dashboard and IA UI, behind a reverse proxy with URL rewriting. Support caching of static content at the reverse proxy server.


For example, exposing as


Document at least one reference implementation.

Feature Requests

Application Autodiscovery

When Content packs are added post agent deployment on large estates, each agent's configuration requires updating to add the relevant section to the liagent.ini or the liagent-effective.ini. The recommended route is via the UI, but when the estate is large and there are many forwarders, then it becomes quite a task to determine which content packs are relevant to each of the target agents.

It would be fantastic (and... more »

Feature Requests

Offer assistance with queries that take too long

Today, when performing a query that takes a long time, we display a progress bar and a pause button where the log messages are displayed.

If a query takes longer that several seconds to complete, the vRLI UI should offer tips while the query is completing. For example..

"Your date filters include X days and Y events, you may want to consider reducing the length of time..."
"Your filters do not include a hostname, you... more »

Feature Requests

Better SSL certificate workflow/UI/UX

The current SSL certificate installation procedure is (IMHO) unnecessarily complex, since 90 % of the work needs to be done manually outside vRLI using weird command line instructions.

It's like if the first instruction after buying an IKEA shelf would be "hey, go out and buy some screws and make your own wooden plugs".

I think the procedure should be more like in NSX, where the product web UI can be used to create... more »

Feature Requests

Keyboard navigation

Some people prefer using a mouse or keyboard extensively instead of the other device. Most people employ a hybrid approach, using keyboard shortcuts in combination with mouse gestures. Log Insight supports only browser-native keyboard functionality today - tab, space, enter.

To support user preference and improve usability for keyboard-only input, Log Insight should support keyboard navigation for all major elements... more »

Feature Requests

Ability to view events driving graph component

It would be nice to have the ability to view the events being summarized by a graph component on a dashboard. If you are viewing a dashboard in presentation mode, there isn't a way to jump back to the dashboard and put it back in presentation mode automatically if you decide to drill-down into Interactive Analytics. If you could just view the messages without leaving the dashboard, that would fix the issue.

Feature Requests

Compare extract fields on same access.

We need to have a feature where we can compare the extract fields on the same axis. Here is the reason why we need this feature especially when analyse GC logs.

Use Case:
Say i am using Log Insight to analyse the GC logs. The GC logs will have Initial Heap Size and the Final Heap Size. If we can have a feature where user can decide the axis to compare the extract fields, this will help us interpret the data better.... more »