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Feature Requests

Support globs for filelog directory option in Windows Agent

The agent should support globs (asterisk and wildcard) for folders. THe use case is IIS where multiple domains exist on the same server. Something like this


directory= E:\sitecoredata\*\Data\logs


So then I could make one that does them all type thing.


Globs are supported for files so this is an inconsistency in the product as well.

General Log Insight Q&A

Agents, MS Cluster Services and Logs on cluster disks


Does anyone have any experience in running LI Agent on MS failover clusters?

We are trying to monitor the SQL logs and obviously the clustered drive (where the logs exist) are only mounted on one server at a time, so when the LI agent starts on each server, in the pair, one can read the logs drive and the other can't so it ignores that drive as it doesn't exist.

When the cluster fails over we need a way of telling... more »

Content Packs

Veeam B&R Content Pack Agent configuration incomplete

Veeam has issued a content pack for their popular product Veeam Backup & Replication with several dashboards and field extractions.

Still, Agent has no configuration and does not collect Veeam events.


Simple as it is, it could be useful to have Agent configuration ready here:



channel=Veeam Backup


Yes, that's it :)


Should I really attach it as a separate content pack here?

Feature Requests

LI Agent to collect Microsoft Event Viewer in XML format

Microsoft (until recently) has not natively supported syslog. Event viewer's native format is XML. While the LI agent can collect event viewer logs, it formats them in a proprietary way. It would be ideal to collect in a standard format so when forwarding such events to a third party syslog destination (e.g. SIEM) the third party could properly parse it (without a custom parser). XML is that standard for Microsoft.... more »

Feature Requests

LogInsight windows agent - need to configurable 'retry' on filelog chanel

Hi! we use puppet to configure our systems. sometimes loginsight module is loaded before the component it is going to monitor, springtc for example. the liagent.ini has a path to springtc logs directory, but since it is not built yet - loginsight gets an error and marks it dormant...

we need a “retry” option for each channel – if path does not exists loginsight agent should retry without requiring a restart.

Content Packs

MS Exchange Content Pack agent scripts configuration clarification needed

We have MS Exchange environment with 8 Exchange servers. We have Log Insight 4.3 with MS Exchange CP 3.2.

While configuring it according to attached documentation we have encountered following problems that I ask for clarification:

1. Agents powershell scripts run on one or more MS Exchange servers
1.1 Observation: Running both scripts exchange_wrapper.ps1 and exchange_mailbox_wrapper.ps1 seems to give the same output... more »