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Feature Requests

Alert when log source is not sending logs

Currently there is no alerting when Log Insight Master or Worker is not receiving logs/API events from its workers or agents. Part of the PCI compliance requires notification when a stoppage of logs is detected.


If this could be an alarm, or an automated email that is sent out, and have the ability to set certain thresholds (no logs within 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 3 hours, etc), that would be great.

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Feature Requests

Datatype-aware field extraction

Sometimes log messages contain embedded data with a fixed standard format, like XML, JSON or CSV, either when logging about configuration/state information or when the messages aren't really logs. Attempting to parse out any of these formats with regular expressions is difficult (and in the case of XML, strongly discouraged), especially when the structure includes nesting, lists or esoteric quoting/escaping rules.

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