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Feature Requests

Lightweight Forwarder for Edge Compute

For Edge Compute platforms for one example ROBO, something VMware is publicly discussing widely we need the ability to collect and send logs back to the datacentre.. Normally in these environments compute and storage space is a minimum, so we need a forwarder that is very lightweight in its install. Maybe even deployable as a container.
The LI Forwarder would be good due to the compression it uses as we also need to consider... more »
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Feature Requests

Need better auditing of user activities

I have a user that changed or deleted a user alert. Well, I now have another user asking "who" made the change. I would like to see better auditing capabilities in Log Insight.

I am looking for an auditing of the following types of changes:

1) Login and logout
* This appears to be in the ui_runtime.log, but the data isn't exposed in the UI.
2) User alert creation, deletion, or modification via the UI or API.
* We... more »
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Feature Requests

vRLI - Catalog Requests - needs "AND" "OR" Dashboard Query abilities

I need data from log entries in both "cafe: catalog" AND "cafe: composition-service". The Dashboard I am trying to create will have a table with the following fields and can't do that without this future feature: vmw_vra_request_num, Extracted field LongReqNum, Tenant, Extracted field Tenant Name, Extracted Field SettingRequestAs, vmw_vra_cat_item_name, vmw-vra_req_service, vmw_vra_requested_for_user Date Entered: 1/25/2018... more »
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Feature Requests

Full Configuration API

It appears that there has been a start to get some configuration options added to the API. I hope we can get to a point where everything available in the Administration section of the Log Insight appliance becomes available via the API. My most immediate need is user management -- IE, the ability to add a user from AD to LI and, while being added, assign a role(s) to that user. I've already figured out how to do this... more »
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Feature Requests

Get support from EMC Common Event Enabler

We are sending audit protocol information from our EMC Isilon using syslog to Log insight but there is a massive delay in between the time it writes to the raw log and the time it has been consumed into the sylog partition. We have been told by EMC that the sheer number of events is what is responsible for this delay and that syslog is not really a performance tool for capturing audit protocol information and to use the... more »
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Feature Requests

Export Event Results to VMware support

In customer's environment, all logs are usually collected by VMware LogInsight. Because all logs are in the centralized location would be good if there is a way how to automatically send them to VMware support (GSS).

We currently have in LogInsight export event results feature (see attached picture) with two options:

1) Export Event Results
2) Export Chart Data

This feature allows us to EXPORT logs (TXT / JSON /... more »
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Feature Requests

Provide mechanism for vRealize Log Insight to create Catalog item in Identity Manager

Provide a mechanism within vRealize Log Insight's Authentication Configuration section that allows for easy creation of the application within the within the catalog for VMware Identity Manager. At the moment, a user must manually create this, an operation that has the potential to change between vIDM releases which complicates the situation and causes a poor UX -- example : https://blogs.vmware.com/services-education-insights/2017/08/vrealize-log-insight-authentication-via-vmware-identity-manager.html... more »
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Feature Requests

Time between logs - as numerical value

I am suggesting that you should be able to Select "Time Between first-last" as a value. So if you for example have made a log Query that shows all error logs for a specific event, then you can present how long this event occured.

This can also be useful if you have one log entry for start of a deplyment and one for finish, because then you could present build time from the Timediff between the first and last log entry... more »
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Feature Requests

Ability to inject data from an external source (DB,etc) in to log streams

I've repeatedly seen a requirement to enrich log event streams within vRLI using field injection of data sourced from external data providers (fetched from database or through REST API calls). To-date the only way to accomplish this is to use another 3rd party product to do the field-injection and/or field-replacement prior to ingestion by vRLI. To-date, we need to implement syslog-ng on an intermediary system, leveraging... more »