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Submitted by (@ronny.berntzen)

Super Pack for non-log data from Active Directory

Upon request from our security people, I have made a PowerShell module that collects non-log data from AD and pushes it as logs to the loginsight server. This way they can have a Dashboard of data that is either not accessible from logs, or where log retreival would mean a massive search from all data available, and thus very slow searches. I have built this in this way: 1. Powershell scripts running as scheduled jobs ...more »


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Content Packs

Submitted by (@ryom.michaelgmail.com1)

HP OA content pack



Had en issue - created an content pack 🙂


So here it is the HP OA content pack. All there is required is to set HP OA til send syslog to log insight.


It has three dashboards - Overview, changes and authentication.


Overview gives you quick insight to changes and problems in your environment.

Changes - is all about changes made by humans

Authentication - shows login attempts and failures


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Feature Requests

Submitted by (@mfriedri)

Should be able to delete content from Content Packs section

When you go to look at stuff in My Content or Shared Content in the Content Packs view of Log Insight, you can't delete any content you don't want from there. You have to first open up the dashboard, query, extracted field, etc. in either the Dashboards or Interactive Analytics view. This feels like an unnecessary step. You should probably be allowed to delete things directly from the Content Packs view.


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Content Packs

Submitted by (@markus.krausgmail.com1)

vSphere CP - [filelog|vsphere6-linux-vapi-endpoint]

The Log Path in the default Config is empty. The Logs for the vAPI Endpoint can be found in : /var/log/vmware/vapi/endpoint/









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Feature Requests

Submitted by (@mkaufmann)

enhance filtering options for data sets

would be great if we could use the same filters as in "interactive analytics" for "new data set". At the moment there are just a few fields available. For example we would like to create a data set for some users so that they can only see events where "text"-field matches a regex query or certain words or e.g. the "event_type" field is a certain type. Custom extracted fields are also not available for data set filters. ...more »


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