Feature Requests

Ability to change which node is considered the "Master" node of a cluster

As a vRealize Log Insight administrator, I need the ability to assign the "master" responsibilities to different node in the Log Insight cluster because...

...the node which is currently master is damaged due to an underlying infrastructure problem.

...I am decommissioning some or all of the nodes in a cluster I intend to replace.


Feature Requests

Alert that triggers log bundle collection

Log bundles provided to vmware sometimes do not have the info needed to troubleshoot an issue because the logs of interest are no longer present. We need to wait for the next occurrence of the issue and then generate a new log bundle immediately. If this happens outside office hours the necessary logs can be missed again. It should be possible for an alert to trigger an action such as generate log bundle (or run a script).... more »


Feature Requests

Add condition to query

We would like to add some conditions on the query. Today we have our monitoring which is working with codes as "200" to "399". So ours probes are switching codes all time, sometimes with a very little time between changes. The aim of this feature request is to provide a way to display events according to some conditions like : - if my field A is containing "200" - if in the following 30 minutes, the field A is switching... more »


Feature Requests

Override cluster's self-identity with arbitrary FQDN

Outbound User-Alert notifications (email, webhooks, vrops) contain links back to the Log Insight Cluster. If there is more than one VIP present, the links refer to the cluster by the first (sorted by IP) FQDN. This may not be the preferred identity for user interaction.


Enhancement: Provide an administrative override to specify an arbitrary FQDN for generating self-referential links, as used in alert notifications.