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Feature Requests

Configure vSphere integration via Platform Services Controller

In the case where multiple vCenter servers (each with different hosts) are registered to a single PSC, having the ability for Log Insight to connect to said PSC and simultaneously register all included vCenters and hosts in a single step would be useful. This eliminates the need to register vCenter servers individually.

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Feature Requests

Smart Card / PKI authentication

In the federal (particularly DoD) space, having integration for smart card (Common Access Cards, or CAC's) is quickly shifting from a "nice to have" to "do this, or we're kicking you out of the building".. It'd be awesome if the roadmap included plans to include a more robust authentication support model than username / password...

Ideally, we'd be able to leverage something like vIDM or our existing ADFS authentication... more »
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Feature Requests

LI -> vRops Alarms

I'm not very fund of the way the current implementation of alarms to vRops work (or I totally doesn't understand it)...

Currently for an alarm to go to vRops, one needs to specify which object to apply it to. This behavior is very annoying.

Would like Log Insight to "be intelligent" enough to know to which object the alarm should be applied. Given that the vRops integration is set up.

So only ask to which object this... more »
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Feature Requests

Feature Request - Using Log Insight as a Forwarder and retaining source IP

We are using a third party SIEM. Due to the layout of the network and security requirements, we can only use log insight if it can forward all syslog and event log data to our SIEM. The problem is that the SIEM relies on the source IP of the system that generated the syslog data to be able to do its analytics. It creates a log source for each new syslog packet with a distinct IP address. We would like to use Log Insight,... more »
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Feature Requests

Enable Log Insight to use Hadoop Cluster with mapreduce for better search performane

Maybe it's on the Roadmap of Log Insight, i don't know, but it would maybe a good Idea to use the mapreduce technology of a hadoop cluster for log insight (vSphere Big Data Extentions?). This allows a better scale of the Log Insight's Database with a really fast search engine with the extreme fast distributed search technology of mapreduce.

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Feature Requests

Enable parser selection and configuration on server or forwarder

Use case:

1) There is no way to use an agent and logs are not getting properly parsed on the server

2) Agent is installed, but administrator prefer not to risk any additional load on the source system caused by agent-side parsing


Solution: configure parsing (analogue to agent-side parsing) on the server or dedicated forwarder

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Feature Requests

PRTG WebHook Support

At the moment WebHooks are very Static regarding output format.

That is a problem if you have a monitoring Solution that is also very static by receiving WebHooks:


PRTG Only excepts this syntax


https://fqnd:5050/loginsight?content=XML String with fixed Syntax




Is there a way to integrate a WebHook Syntax Builder?

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Feature Requests

Handling mathematical operation in Log Insight

As per RFC5424 standard, we need handling mathematical operation logic to find the Facility and Severity values from Priority value as per below calculation.
Priority = Facility*8 + Severity.

For example, below is one of the RFC5424 Standard syslog message
SYSLOG: <14>1 1970-01-01T00:01:24.143Z - ICX7250-Router - msgId [meta sequenceId=10] BOMSystem: Interface ethernet 1/2/2, state up

Here value(14) between angular... more »
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Feature Requests

FR: Add ability to tag data

Add ability to tag any data in search results. For example, NAA. addresses could be right clicked on in results and tagged with the name of the datastore. Consequently, any time that NAA address appears in results it would display as the tagged name. It would be idea if tagged data was highlighted or in a different color so you know that it is a tag. Hovering over the tag would show the underlying value.