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vra7 setup instructions - Apache CLF

Setup instructions for VRA7 content pack specifies the following: In addition to installing and configuring the vRA content pack, the following content packs should also be installed and configured:

• Apache - CLF
• vRealize Orchestrator

I am trying to figure out how the content pack "Apache - CLF" should be used for VRA7?
For filters to select which agents receive the Agent Configuration below, which VRA server... more »

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Horizon VM to Zero Client

Trying to get log insight to grab the C:\ProgramData\VMware\VDM\logs\pcoip_server_2017_04_24_0000111c.txt file so that we can draw a line from a VDI session to a human on the other end of a zero client (we are a school district - kids are abusive on the equipment)

There is a handy line in this file that tells me the IP of the zero client (man DNS resolution would be nice) but I can work with this because I have my DHCP... more »

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vRops Agent Configuration

I have looked at the vRops Agent setup instructions and they don't make sense to me...

Rather than copy/pasting it all in here, I have attatched a file with the setup instruction.

1. In the beginning of the file, the first two lines after "Configuring the vRealize Log Insight Agent". Goes on about the liagent.ini need to be modified.
1A. This is not true as the centralized configuration is used, correct ? That part... more »

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Veeam B&R Content Pack Agent configuration incomplete

Veeam has issued a content pack for their popular product Veeam Backup & Replication with several dashboards and field extractions.

Still, Agent has no configuration and does not collect Veeam events.


Simple as it is, it could be useful to have Agent configuration ready here:



channel=Veeam Backup


Yes, that's it :)


Should I really attach it as a separate content pack here?